6 Tips on Composite Deck

1. Clean your deck on a regular basic is what going to make your composite deck look great all year round.  you can grab a broom or a blower and just sweep the dirt off. You can also use the hose for more stubborn stain but don't use something stronger than that. It can damage the composite boards.

2. We all know composite deck is beautiful but to keep it that way you need to use furniture pads to avoid scratching the deck.

3. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach as it can damage the surface. Use a composite deck cleaner recommended by the manufacturer instead. 

4. Don't let standing water accumulate: Standing water can cause damage to composite decking, so make sure to clear any standing water from the surface of the deck.

 5. Regularly check for damage: Check your composite decking regularly for any signs of damage, such as cracks or splinters. Repair or replace any damaged boards as soon as possible 

6. Noticed that the composite decking is not fireproof therefore avoid using fire pits or barbecues directly on the deck